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Company Overview

We work with early-stage companies and their VC’s to help them gain traction and hit their milestones on time through customer acquisition, customer retention, and revenue growth.

Frustrated with your start-up's burn rate? Are you running out of time to get a solid return on your investment? Need to break into the American market?

We serve as on-demand executive marketing & sales leadership, giving start-ups the ability to execute across various customer acquisition campaigns for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. This lets start-ups de-risk acquisition hypotheses before doubling down on scale.

Our customer acquisition and growth strategists bring a diverse and deep skill set to your team, including:

* Brand Experience Strategies through brand definition, value proposition creation, and brand positioning
* Organic acquisition via Inbound Marketing, SEO, content marketing, social marketing, digital PR, and influencer outreach
* Paid acquisition marketing via SEM, pay-per-click Facebook ads, CPA, Twitter ads, display, email marketing, and affiliate marketing
* Growth through marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, campaign optimization, and A/B testing
* Inbound Sales & Enablement through sales & marketing alignment, lead nurturing, lead scoring and reporting.

We specialize in connecting the dots across screens, across channels, and across teams, so investors can see exactly where the money is going and what efforts are contributing to growth.

In the past, start-ups we’ve worked with have been bought by Sony, Nestlé and Amazon.

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