Meural Inc.
The Canvas of The Digital Age
Company Overview

Meural’s a digital canvas that allows you to stream art straight to your wall—whether that’s classic paintings, photography or digital art. Like a painting, you don’t actually touch the work: you can control it with our website, mobile app, or the swipe of your hand. On top of our own collection of images, which includes both emerging and renowned artists, you can upload your own. It’s our mission to promote both the discovery of art and self-expression.

The vision for our company started in 2014 when our cofounders Vlad and Jerry talked about the possibilities of reinventing art. During a special moment of clarity, they looked up at a painting on the wall and asked one simple question...

‘Why can’t we change the art on our walls?’

It was then that Meural was born, and soon after they raised the capital necessary to begin building The Canvas of The Digital Age.

The founding team was assembled, the product was prototyped, and we started taking orders in April of 2015. Soon we were featured in Entrepreneur, Fortune, Thrillist, Alley Watch and many more publications. We found interest in the product was global, with customers coming from 25 countries across the world.

Since then, we’ve closed millions of dollars in funding to continue to expand and change the world, one home at a time.

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