MeshMe is a communication framework that allows devices, such as cell phones, to communicate without the need for a traditional cell, WiFi, or Bluetooth connection.
Company Overview

The way we think about connectivity today is outdated. While we are entering a new era shared economies, we continue to rely on a communication infrastructure controlled by just a few. MeshMe's mission is to provide the world access to unbounded communication and make limited connectivity a thing of the past.

To realize its mission, MeshMe has developed a proprietary mesh networking framework that can connect the devices around us, even when traditional connections are limited, or non-existent. With use cases ranging from retail to disaster recovery, MeshMe is poised to help lead a revolution in the way we connect to one other and the world around us.

MeshMe's first application, "MeshMe" for iOS, is a messaging and location sharing app that allows you to communicate on your mobile device, without the need for a traditional cell, WiFi, or Bluetooth connection. Using mobile radios to collaborate, MeshMe is able to send messages and location information across users to get that information to the people who need it. Particularly at large events where cell towers can get overloaded and wireless signals are nonexistent, we aim to improve the mobile communication experience, so that you can stay in touch without the shackles of traditional infrastructure. With MeshMe, the ability to stay connected is right at your fingertips.

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