Trade for free and connect with your friends!
Company Overview

Matador is a commission free investment app that lets you trade with friends. Our mobile first brokerage platform offers commission-free trading in all U.S. listed stocks and ETFs.

For novice investors, the stock market is complex. With over 4,000 securities listed on the NYSE alone, billions of dollars are spent on commissions and fees identifying what to invest in. It’s notoriously difficult to view skilled individuals and friends trading live, making investing nearly impossible to learn about investing except through literature. Until now, finance has been a black box, where nobody sees what anyone else is doing. It’s a sport played in the dark, a poker game in which you’ve never seen a professional play a hand. We’ve set out with a goal to change that and add Millennial level transparency to the markets..

We are addressing this lack of transparency by creating a Venmo-like social feed within a commission free trading App. Matador open sources the investment idea process, allowing users to share real portfolio information as well as verified trades. Essentially, we’re creating a whole new ecosystem by taking a transaction and turning it into an experience.We’re “putting a face on the (stock) ticker.” Matador is built for Millennials, the investors of the future.

Our product delivers something that is clear cut, influential and ultimately fits the lifestyle of individuals in our own demographic. The big banks have done a terrible job of building products around Millennials. Social + zero-cost models are essential/must-haves with this demographic. The interface/color scheme are incredibly sexy and the app is super intuitive. Above all, simplicity wins here.