Makers Academy
Learn to Code in 12 weeks
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Makers Academy is a fully immersive, 12 week computer programming bootcamp. It's like Oxbridge meets the Royal Marines, but for people who want to learn to code, and is designed to turn people with no knowledge of web-development into job-ready junior developers in just 12 weeks. We’re Europe’s #1 Developer Bootcamp, running highly selective classes of our offline course every 6 weeks, and our Remote course every 12 weeks. We’re based in Aldgate East, a stone's throw away from London’s Silicon Roundabout.

We take students with little/no experience in programming and teach the fundamentals of web development, with the aim of developing in our students the necessary skills to prepare them to secure a role as a junior developer upon graduation. We teach all the latest technologies, like Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, full-stack Javascript, J-Query, SQL, Ajax and some of the softer skills like Object-Oriented Design, Test Driven Development, Agile Methodology, and version controlling with Git.

We take a "learn by doing" approach, delivered through self-directed, project-based work. Students are encouraged to work in pairs on practical coding challenges, with weekly tests, culminating in a final project which is presented to friends, family and hiring partners on "Graduation Day". We actively support and mentor our graduates into work, helping set up job interviews with our hiring partners. Of the 600+ students who’ve graduated so far, almost everybody who has finished our course with the intention of becoming a developer has achieved this within 3 months of graduating.

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