Majesty Alliance, LLC
Manifest Success Together
Company Overview

Majesty Alliance, LLC is a global marketplace investing and peer learning platform. Think of it as a global matchmaking service for entrepreneurs and investors. But it doesn’t stop there. One of the most important goals of Majesty Alliance, LLC is to promote and soon to mandate financial education at the high school level globally through our developing non-profit sector.

We work with a diverse community of entrepreneurs and investors to help achieve their business goals and manifest success in a supportive environment that includes access to a database of skilled individuals, essential tools for creating a prosperous business from start to finish, all while everyone increases their financial literacy and shares their expertise with one-another through a peer-mentorship program.

Who is part of Majesty Alliance, LLC, and why?

Entrepreneur members are provided with a platform to:

-Network and connect with the right people to collaborate with
-Market their business to the global membership community
-Participate in the Peer Mentorship Exchange Program - where trade secrets and life experiences are shared
-Increase financial literacy and receive constant updates on the latest FinTech industry news
-Gain support
-Obtain access to capital

Our investor members receive solutions with access to:

-Asset Management
-Risk Management
-Tax-smart Investment Opportunities
-International Investment Opportunities
-Networking with a global community
-Mentorship Exchange with fellow peers who share wisdom from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences in business

The beauty of Majesty Alliance’s global platform is that anyone can join from anywhere in the world, from any industry. Our diverse community creates a more unique peer to peer mentorship. Members are fueled by the support to grow their business, strive for financial literacy, reach their optimal audience, and MANIFEST SUCCESS TOGETHER!

We are looking forward to connecting with you at TechDay LA! Find our booth and/or contact us at: