Luciding Inc
Lucid dreaming. Better dream - better life!
Company Overview

Lucid dreaming is the human's natural ability to control over the dream. More than 150 million of people in the world try to achieve lucid dreaming to receive its benefits. Lucid dreaming resembles a meditative state of being conscious in a moment of a dream to get to the realization that you're seeing a dream and all around you is not real.

Once you get to this that means your dream is lucid and you are free to do whatever you want without any social or physical restriction. Most desired experiences in this state are having sex, gain knowledge directly subconsciousness and burst out with brilliant ideas which lucid dreamers take to a real life.

But building a skill is the same as building muscles. We build a wearable device that improves your chances of being lucid as often as possible. Our headband detects a REM phase while you're sleeping and once you have a dream, the device uses a neuro-signaling to naturally bring your state of mind to a higher level and be lucid.

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