Let's Dutch
Share the Fun, Split the Cost, Crowdfund Experiences
Company Overview

Let's Dutch is an open platform for sharing group experiences and activities. From group dinners, broadway shows, yacht charters and yoga retreats, to luxury suites for the big game or bottle service at a club, du+ch is the place to share it.

Far too often we skip out on amazing experiences and incredible group deals because we don't have enough friends who can join. With our platform you can find those who can, get to know one another, and securely pool your funds together to make that experience more within reach.

With letsdutch.com you can host any experience you want to share. Anyone in the community who is interested will be able to view all the details, view and communicate with you and everyone attending, then request a spot. As a host you can view their profile and approve or decline all requests. Once approved, the guest pays their share. All payments are pooled together and released to you after the experience takes place.

Like Airbnb, every user has a profile with reviews and verifications, plus access to our internal messaging system that allows you to communicate with other users. All of these features were built into our platform to help individuals book shared experiences with confidence. Meeting new people is fun, but before you share an experience with other people it is nice to be able to get to know one another ahead of time.

Share the fun, split the cost, go dutch!