Money pots for everything & anything!
Company Overview

Leetchi.com is a French startup that offers a fast, easy and secure way for groups of people to collect and raise money online.

The service is currently available in four languages (FR, EN, ES, DE), two currencies (£, €) and is accessible from 150 countries. We've already helped over 8 million users organise group gifts and bring their projects to life.

How does it work? You simply create an online money pot, invite people to contribute and choose how to spend it.

Fees? We offer the lowest pricing out of all fundraising and crowdfunding platforms in the UK. It's free to create the money pot and spend it on partner sites,or there's 2.9-4% fee for a bank transfer.

You can create a money pot for friend's birthday, colleague's leaving do, personal project or any cause you feel passionate about!