The easiest way to invest in bitcoin & blockchain technologies!
Company Overview

Lawnmower provides retail investors with the easiest way to invest in blockchain technologies, similar to the "robo-advisors" that have disrupted investing into traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

- Choose from sets of crafted portfolio allocations providing exposure to various layers of the blockchain ecosystem (bitcoin and other emerging crypto currencies & assets).

- Customize your automatic recurring purchases or instantly buy & sell on the fly.

- Trade as frequently as you'd like (actively or passively), and check out detailed analytics on your portfolio's & underlying assets' performance.

Our iOS & Android apps provide effortless portfolio diversification into an exciting & emerging technology / asset class. By leveraging our strong partnership with Coinbase, our infrastructure provides the easiest on-ramp & gateway for our users and their assets into the growing crypto-ecosystem.

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