Backend, Middleware & framework to unify web, mobile & IoT applications
Company Overview

Have you ever wished you could clone Slack or Uber in a matter of days? Kuzzle can make it happen ! Kuzzle is a backend platform designed to power and unify innovative apps for web, mobile & IoTs. It brings a digital product from inception to market in 40 % less time than regular development cycles.
Kuzzle is ideally suited for all actors eager to accelerate digital transformation: corporations, labs, integrators and startups alike.
Kuzzle is self-hostable, ready to use and feature rich, with standard features such as Real Time data management, data synchronisation across multiple devices, geolocation and advanced search.
With Kuzzle, users can create prototypes in days and MVPs in weeks when regular development cycles take months. As a result, the TCO is lower and companies may devote more time and budget to customer experience where the real added value lies, therefore retaining a stronger competitive edge.
Our value proposition is to accelerate innovation, reduce time to market and increase ROI.
Because it’s technology agnostic, Kuzzle works on any platform and interconnects any device (web, mobile and IoT) therefore giving freedom to imagine beyond possibilities.

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