KeyMe is a smart way to copy keys and solve frustrating lockouts.
Company Overview

KeyMe is a smart, convenient way to copy, share and personalize your physical keys and solve frustrating lockouts.

We accomplish this using a combination of automated kiosks in leading retailers - which can duplicate keys in under 30 seconds - and mobile apps, which digitally scan keys and save them to the cloud to protect against future lockouts.

Customers can easily share their key with friends and family via email, get copies mailed right to their door and even personalize their key with their favorite sports team or one of our custom designs including star wars characters, subway maps and even a bottle opener key!

Individuals who are locked out can go to a kiosk and print off a key using their fingerprint, or go to a local locksmith and have them cut a new key from scratch using instructions provided in the mobile app.

We recently launched a next-generation kiosk capable of copying car keys - even those with transponders - and are currently expanding our kiosk footprint nationwide. These new kiosks reset keys to their factory specifications, resulting in copied keys more accurate than the original.

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