Jobsuitors is a digital hiring web app that gives employers and jobseekers an effortless way to connect. Our core is instant, intuitive, holistic job matching, with a focus on our users’ experience.
Company Overview

Jobsuitors is a web application that matches jobseekers to their best-fit employers. Through Jobsuitors, jobseekers get one hub where they can showcase all of their professional information, quickly discover their best-matched jobs, and apply in 1 click. Employers get a candidate sourcing engine that lets them optimize and automate the process of posting positions, filtering through candidates, and vetting them. Both parties have the option to explore personality, skill, experience, and work preference criteria in our search engine and weigh how much each factor matters to them.

The result is a simple, streamlined set of interactions between jobseekers and employers that eliminates the massive information asymmetries that cripple the hiring process. Jobseekers and employers safely enter all their private and public preferences and details. The Jobsuitors match algorithm takes it from there, doing the work of analyzing "fit" and revealing compatibility via individualized match percentages.

We use our proprietary matching algorithms alongside machine learning to deliver increasingly robust matches over time. We've also created our own in-house personality and job preference evaluations that predict jobseekers' compatibility with open job positions, with individual work groups, and with entire firms.