J&M Statistical Solutions
J&M is the only one-stop shop that can take data in its rawest form and transform it in meaningful ways to better understand the overall marketplace, one's industry, one's company, and one's clients.
Company Overview

J&M Statistical Solutions, LLC is a data-centric consulting firm. Our business is centered on one theme: we believe that understanding data is fundamental for firms to be scalable and sustain a competitive advantage. Data allows us to make new decisions, discover new truths, and develop new insights. With the advent of social media and the ongoing push towards global connectivity, the sheer magnitude of data is ever increasing and the volume of unclean and messy data is on the rise. Since new data is being generated faster than most firms can process, J&M Statistical Solutions was formed to tackle such data problems.

We aim to help businesses have a stronger competitive advantage in their respective fields in three broad ways. First, we use our technological wherewithal to collect, clean, and process messy data. Second, we help firms identify and understand patterns and trends that would otherwise be obfuscated by intractable, and, in many cases, large data sets. Third, we develop calls to action for your team by attractively visualizing data through reports or interactive dashboards.