iubble is a new web browser that makes it easy to discover, organize, and share content in a beautiful, visual interface.
Company Overview

Our mission is to enable discovering, organizing, and sharing content in an intuitive way. Iubble Incorporated was founded in 2014, and our principle offices are located in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Our core product is a revolutionary web browser that makes it easy to discover, organize, and share web content in a beautiful, visual interface. Web browsers have not evolved in over two decades; the process of discovering and organizing quality content is simply not intuitive using tabs and bookmarks. Further, current browsers have no built-in mechanism to enable sharing of content between users.

iubble revolutionizes the process of browsing by introducing the concept of a “bubble”, which is a collection of one or more webpages, images, or any other content. iubble makes it easy to: (i) create bubbles, (ii) discover bubbles from other users, and (iii) share bubbles using our built-in social network and messaging platform.

Presently, iubble is in the development phase and available exclusively to students at Stevens Institute of Technology. Basic functionality has been realized, but more advanced features and aesthetics are still being developed. Early versions are currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and soon, Android. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and our alpha version has gained well over six hundred users on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology alone.

Consistent with a large number of successful Internet products, our strategy utilizes deep user profiling and targeting advertising. As a web browser, we are able to capture the totality of activities our users make. As a result, we can generate highly accurate user profiles, and our patented recommendation algorithm turns this into an opportunity for targeting advertising in the form of recommended bubbles. Google AdWords click-through-rates are less than 2%, whereas “directory tiles” from Mozilla Firefox average over 6%.

Our company was founded by students and a professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Our relationship provides access to experienced business and technical advisors, as well as thousands of students as product testers. We have developed iubble alongside these students, resulting in a product that fits the market needs of young people.

Our company’s intellectual property portfolio contains two pending patents that cover our product’s user interface and design, as well as our recommendation algorithm.

Our biggest potential risk is the acquisition of a massive user base. We believe that technical and business risks are low, but there are significant competitive and market risks. These can be managed by (i) engaging in continuous customer development, (ii) making iubble a social platform, which provides opportunity for viral growth, and (iii) establishing a user base of over 100,000 users.

We are seeking $250,000 - $350,000, which will enable us to greatly expand our user base to 100,000 or more. A majority (~70%) will be used to hire world-class developers and user interface designers. Approximately 20% will be used to fund a small marketing team, while the remaining 10% will be used for overhead costs. This capital would be sufficient for 8 - 12 months of operation, beyond which a Series-A round is planned. Our long term goal is to provide an exit via a public offering.

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