InsurTech Gateway
Company Overview

Founders, are you sitting on a goldmine? Explore untapped revenue streams within your data business.

Have you considered the value your data business might have within the insurance space? Reframing your business as an InsurTech could unlock huge investment and open up new, recurring revenue streams.

So you have found a viable additional stream of revenue, what now? Insurance is a complicated industry, with high barriers to entry. Which is why we created the InsurTech Gateway, the world’s first authorised InsurTech incubator. We have the expertise, funding, network and capabilities to get your new insurance product to market, fast!

The Gateway works with Tech and InsurTech founders, who want to rapidly access the insurance market and begin shaping their products with real customers.

If you have an innovative idea or product please get in touch.

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Jul 18, 2018