Live Shopping Network
Company Overview is a live interactive shopping network for fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creators. The Immerss network runs off its own platform ( and is focused on the curation and monetization of live fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. An evolved HSN or QVC the Immerss audience is powered by micro-influencers across the country. leverages this highly sought after authentic live audience to deliver performance based marketing campaigns driving live real time and VOD product sales as well as direct advertising activations. Popular content is syndicated to the growing publisher network across the country.

As a viewer have fun watching the live streams and participate in the world’s first influencer driven live “shoppable” network!

Live video is a powerful medium. It’s unpredictable, captivating and viral by nature. It’s no wonder influencers are turning to live to engage their followers and why brands are starting to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

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