Company Overview

"imMail is a collaboration platform that brings Companies to another level of information, productivity and knowledge. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Data Analytics imMail AI engine is able to create models correlating messages, metadata (user, job position, sector, department, city, country), internet data (news, search engine, twitter, social media, regarding the company or general trends) with all kind of useful insights, data and alerts for the company. Using supervised and unsupervised Data Analytics and Statistics, a handful of dashboards and reports can be presented to managers and stakeholders about the company and its employees, as well its variation over time. With imMail, company can run: • Sentiment Analysis; • Automated Identification of Moral Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Illegal activities and Intellectual property Leaks; • Predictive Analysis; • Company Trends; • Employee evaluation; Besides that, while millions of companies are giving their data to WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media or messaging apps (for free), imMail keeps all company data secure and a allows companies to centralize email, messaging and intranet in one place only."

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