No hassle group planning
Company Overview

Ignite removes the hassle of back and forth communication from planning events. What’s really unique about it is that it starts the whole process at the idea stage. Users can pitch suggestions that turn into reality once they gain enough interest within a group. This allows them to test more potential get-together ideas before they're set in stone, in a rejection-free manner. The app simplifies group decisions through voting on or suggesting event ideas, the best time or location, as well as creating lists to assign responsibilities or polls to gauge popular demand. And all these group decisions and conversations happen in the context of what you’re trying to get off the ground.

Ignite is great within close knit groups for casual get-togethers, as well as in professional settings where meet-up groups and event organizers can establish more interactive, bottom-up communities and engage their audience in suggesting, validating and planning events.

Featured in the App Store in 21 countries, featured on Discovery Channel, official Webby Awards honoree for Best User Experience in a mobile app in 2016, and nominated for the Appster Champion 2015 award.

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