HyperLinq Inc.
Simplifying Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Trading
Company Overview

HyperLinq's desktop and mobile application provides innovative tools to simplify trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets throughout a trader's entire workflow.

By connecting to fiat-to-cryptocurrency providers, our platform makes it easy for traders to manage and transfer cryptocurrency between these platforms.
By aggregating and connecting traders to multiple exchanges on a single platform, traders can easily discover price disparities between markets
Through our proprietary and feature-rich charting tool and technical indicators, traders can view historical price points from various exchanges and develop a trading strategy
Through our integrated chart order management interface, traders can execute and monitor buy and sell orders.
Through our aggregated order book, traders can manage and monitor all their active orders simultaneously on multiple exchanges
Through our aggregated trade book, traders can monitor filled orders and market positions.
And through our wallet management interface, traders can easily move and transfer their cryptocurrencies from one wallet or exchange to another
HyperLinq will truly be a one-stop-shop application that connects traders to all the major cryptocurrency exchanges in a single application.

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Jan 19, 2019
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