Hoplite Power
Power Protected. Stay Connected.
Company Overview

At Hoplite Power, we understand the importance of staying connected. Whether it’s to meet up with a friend around the block or video chat with a loved one across the world, your smartphone is there for you—except when it’s not. When your battery dies, so do those connections. Have you ever tried to surf the web or download a new app on a dead phone? No? Yea, doesn’t work for us either.

Currently expanding in NYC, our smartphone “charge-sharing” network consists of a squadron of Hoplite Hubs located in various businesses all around the city. These proprietary Hoplite Hubs store, dispense, and automatically recharge Hoplites, which are ergonomically-designed, universal battery packs that can be rented from and returned to any Hub in the network. With Hoplite Power, you can easily charge your smartphone on the go—no wires or outlets required! We keep your power protected so you always stay connected.