Hook Mobile
Cost effective cloud messaging solutions for mobile user acquisition and engagement.
Company Overview

Hook Mobile applies the immediacy of text messaging to the goal of user acquisition and user activation. We help developers use SMS to grow their user base, all the while, respecting user privacy.

Our intelligent cloud messaging and voice APIs enable developers and social marketers to efficiently target, reach and convert mobile application users.

Our suite of API’s go beyond a messaging gateway to provide developers with rich functionality in a complete tool set, making it easy to integrate SMS into existing applications.

Leading developers and social communities worldwide use our solution to grow their user base through viral marketing, user activation, and person-to-person messaging, always with the goal of increased user acquisition.

Our patented technique for mobile device discovery has enabled us to build a proprietary database of over 300 Million global mobile devices. We use this dataset to make messaging applications smarter, increasing user conversion while reducing acquisition costs.

The Hook Mobile platform leverages a carrier-grade infrastructure, and world-class operations and support, to provide reliability upon which developers can depend.

We empower developers to access, deploy and scale user targeting, acquisition and analytic capabilities through flexible feature-sets and functional offerings unavailable in traditional methods of user engagement and monetization. If you are not using SMS to unlock viral growth and build a one-to-one relationship with your users, you are missing out.