Helping the World Find an Activity to Love
Company Overview

We were born in 2012 from the idea of ​​developing a product that would allow people to have more flexibility and freedom to workout wherever and whenever they want, combating a sedentary lifestyle. We offer our users unlimited access to gyms, studios, and other physical activity establishments in various cities throughout the world. We operate in 15 countries and feature over 700 types of workouts in more than 43,200 accredited facilities. We are proud to count 1,000 employees worldwide as our Gympass family.

Today we focus on finding wellness solutions for our corporate clients by working in partnership with Human Resources to provide employees access to our vast network. In addition to substantial healthcare claims reductions, studies show that an active employee is twice as likely to remain engaged, that absenteeism can be reduced by 50 percent.

Mission: Helping the world find an activity to love!