GTOP Group Inc.
Cumputer Vision Cognitive Intelligence Fusion Analysis of Video and Big Data for Predictive Threat Detection
Company Overview

Data to Decision - Computer Vision AI that Predicts to Prevent Hostile and Violent events using

MediaMaestro is a game-changing computer vision Cognitive Intelligence predictive analysis for threat detection, risk analysis and preventative threat mitigation technology. GT’s proprietary unique software uses its patent pending Cognitive Intelligence technology to rapidly review and visualize potential hostile situations to enable security analysts to have a better chance to prevent an incident.

MediaMaestroTM aggregates, orchestrates, curates and analyzes video, media and data from multiple sources, multiple formats and multiple types together and visualizing potential threats and situational conditions. Combining multiple streams of real time and archived video information with available data from the internet, social media, video. images and mapping, data with permission controlled security databases that could potentially contain information about hostile individuals and organizations. Our motion and activity detection feature with behavioral pattern analysis identifies movement anomalies that are consistent with potential threat activity. This enables preventative action to be implemented. Our technology is based on AI and Quantum AI coupled with video workflow and orchestration fusing the analysis of video and data.

We are currently self-funded and seeking visionary investors to bring the product to market. We are post development and have a working prototype of the technology, which research is showing to be if not the first, then at least one of the first threat detection and situational awareness analytic technologies available for application to prevent activities like so many of the recent horrific hostile events and other pressing issues facing Public Safety, Private Security, Law Enforcement, the US Intelligence Community (IC) and National Security.

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