Go Cashless Inc
Cashless tipping: pay or appreciate anyone!
Company Overview

Tip anyone instantly for free.

Think: bathroom attendant at that fancy restaurant $1; coat-check $2; valet hustling for your car $3. Got 6 singles? Probably not. We’re carrying less cash today and when we do, ATMs give us large denominations. Thanks! solves these hurried, stressful situations by delivering instant payments at no cost, without exchanging personal information. Thanks! also offers solutions in situations we can anticipate at airports, hotels, salons, food trucks, with golf caddies and babysitters - to name a few. No more wallets, ATMs, awkward requests for change, lost cash, or cash germs!

In our move toward a cashless society, we can still pay and appreciate the people who make our days easier. Thanks! is promoting acts of kindness and growing the gratitude economy.

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