Gift Boomerang
Re-Gifter? Don't Get Caught
Company Overview

As parents, we all love receiving gifts for our kids, but while it's the thought that counts, sometimes we receive things that we don't want, don't need, or simply can't imagine WHAT the giver was thinking. More often, than not, we Re-Gift these gifts to other kids. Often, that same unwanted gift makes several rounds, being Re-Gifted to other kids. It is very easy to lose track of who gave what, or what you gave to someone else. Gift Boomerang acts as your complete organization system for gifts received and gifts given, so when you do get a present that doesn't suit your tastes or needs, you can re-gift it to someone else. By acting as your database for what you’ve got and what you’ve given, Gift Boomerang ensures that you’ll never offend a friend, loved one, or family member by accidentally sending the same gift back their way, or handing it over to someone they are close to - we keep your “Six Degrees of Gift Separation” intact!

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