Visual metadata for low-friction photo-based interactions
Company Overview

Gaggletag is a discrete label that can be included in marketing materials to activate interactive engagement with the least possible friction.

Our patent-pending design can be spotted in an image and decoded even when very small and at a wide range of angles, lighting and distortion. This robustness means Gaggletag-enabled interactions are simply snap-and-go, rather than the stand-and-scan needed to process and confirm on the spot with solutions like the QR code and newer rivals. This post-decode approach also means it can be easily integrated into photo-sharing apps people already have installed. No app to download lowers friction further still. And unlike many new proximity marketing solutions, there’s no equipment to install on site: it’s just print.

We’ve launched two new powerful services based on our Gaggletag technology. The Gaggletag Responder integrates with Twitter to distribute content and establish a relationship with a consumer on the go. Just sharing a photo that includes a unique campaign Gaggletag, plus a simple brand or product #hashtag, calls a response direct from the Brand that can include a link to a web-page, a video, a coupon, an app download and so on. The engagement also generates buzz around the Brand and campaign.

Tweet-go-seek is a simple, fun solution for running treasure hunts that are scored automatically but don’t need a new app. Simply sharing a photo that includes a hunt Gaggletag, calls up the next clue. There’s no easier way to run a hunt to encourage exploration and group bonding, be it in a retail, tourism, corporate or event environment. Tweet-go-seek is live on Twitter and a Facebook integration is in development. See: