FrontDesk Connect
FrontDesk Connect eliminates the need for the in-room hotel phone.
Company Overview

FrontDesk Connect (FDC) is a cloud-based communication service used to enhance the hotel guest travel experience, while providing the host facility the possibility of additional revenue streams. The FDC application is universal and may be used at any hotel regardless of brand, location or Property Management System (PMS). Hotel patrons can download FDC application once, and use it at any hotel that is on the FDC network.

At check-in, front desk staff direct guests how to turn their own mobile device (smartphone, tablet) into their own mobile, hotel phone. Download the app and input the facility code. Guests can then connect with the front desk or concierge, make dinner reservations, arrange a valet car pick-up, and much more from anywhere, anytime throughout their stay.

Also through the FDC interface, hotel staff can communicate with all connected patrons, notifying them of hotel events and amenities (‘join us for happy hour’, ‘20% off spa’, etc.) through direct messaging. Real-time push notifications will increase guest use of hotel facilities.

Additionally, daily event lists can be added by staff or uploaded on the web interface and viewed in the app by patrons.

The system operates independently from the hotel PMS. There are no additional staffing requirements and the system fits seamlessly into normal daily operations. No unique hardware or software requirements are required as FDC services are provided through the guests’ Apple or Android mobile device and by a web-based application for staff. Hotels pay a monthly subscription fee of $0.04 - $0.07 per room per night.

Premium services of the FDC system allow add-on capabilities for conferences or special events. The hotel can increase the level of attention offered to event organizers with unique log-ins as well as the ability to directly send real-time messages to those participants. Special conference itineraries may be added and viewed by registered members. Event organizers will have streamlined, personalized communication with hotel staff, should any special needs arise.

An FDC subscription includes technical support from a professional and motivated staff with continuous capability enhancements as the service achieves additional developmental milestones.