FreezeCrowd, Inc.
Break the Ice!
Company Overview

FreezeCrowd is a unique social media platform and network for college students and alumni that connects you in photos with friends! It's cool or unique because everyone has an ice cube over their profile picture, and you "break the ice" when visiting a friends profile. By breaking the ice, you can ask a question, send off a message in the future, play an educational game, among other interesting applications that can be built over the break the ice feature. When you upload a profile picture on FreezeCrowd, it's not just a picture, yet a picture with an ice cube around it, and you can set a timer on the ice cube to melt or freeze over to show that your profile picture is dated, and be notified to upload your most recent picture. This keeps you updated with your profile picture, so that you don't have the same one that is outdated.

FreezeCrowd is similar to a school yearbook in some ways, yet online and private to outside searches. Every photo you upload is unique like a snowflake, and categorized. In every photo there is a snowflake, which allows you to click to FreezeTag a friend in the photo as whatever they are (e.g. Biology Major, Business Major, Journalism Major, Golfer, Football Player, etc.), and all photos can be a club photo, team photo, company photo, or friends photo and more. When you FreezeTag a friend you can send off a bubble message to a friend, and connect from within the photo in a group text conversation. Status updates are called a "Thought to Freeze" and you can freeze (or preserve, and schedule an update) a thought, and melt a thought.