FitDance Entretenimento
Company Overview

FitDance is a company which started with the purpose of making people's lives happier through dance, thus seeking to solve two major current problems: the lack of professionalism for those who live of dancing and tech others to dance, and the drastic increase in number on mental health issues. Regarding mental health issues, the following information should be highlighted: 1 in 10 Americans will experience depression at some point in their life, 6.8 million have anxiety disorder, and approximately 6 million have some form of panic; In addition, the WTO recognizes stress as a disease that affects 90% of the world's population and it is considered a global epidemic. Dancing is a great way to encourage your body to produce endorphins, which improve your mood and reduce anxiety. When you are learning a skill like dance, you need to be fully involved and present at the moment. This allows you to leave stress behind and focus only on learning a new dance while having fun. FitDance created one of the largest dance class programs in the world, becoming the second largest dance company on the planet. Market validation is noticeable, as by 2019 Zumba, which is a similar dance program, had over 100,000 instructors worldwide. In addition, FitDance brand already has 50 million unique viewers, 19 million subscribers on its YouTube channels, and 5 billion views on its videos. The size of the market can be stipulated by the numbers of gyms and dance studios. The number of gyms in the world currently stands at over 201,000 establishments; and in the US there are around 39,570 gyms and 51,948 dance studios. The FitDance product encompasses dance professionals seeking professionalization, as well as dance practitioners who use technology to participate in the FitDance community. For that we have a complete portal, with exclusive videos, and many benefits. The business model is broken down as follows. We sell a FitDance course for 80 USD; Participants in this course will begin their journey in the FitDance community as a level 1 member and they will pay a fee of 20 USD a month. The more this member engages with the community, participates in training and consumes FitDance products and services, the greater they will growth in the company, and advance to other levels until it reach level 8. Each level has a minimum score to reach and specific benefits attached to it. Today the market already knows the FitDance brand, because we have significant numbers in our social medias, with 3 million followers on Instagram, 19 million subscribers on YouTube, 120 million monthly views in which 30% comes from an international audience, and 20 million practitioners throughout the world. In addition, the market has already embraced the product concept, as today we already have about 5,000 active instructors teaching FitDance in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Argentina and Paraguay. The business model that competes with FitDance today in the market is Zumba, which despite being a very strong brand, especially in the American market, still does not have a strong internet presence. Furthermore, it should be noted that having Zumba classes at gyms and or dance studios is not an impediment to have FitDance classes, in fact this is a facilitator for FitDance enter into these establishments. On the other hand, FitDance stands out, besides to its digital and content strength, for creating a sense of community that encompasses the online and offline world. Online we have significant numbers in our social networks and a continuous participation of our practitioners. In the offline world we have exclusive FitDance events, weekly instructor meetings, and face-to-face classes in 5 countries. Another highlight of FitDance is the existence of a career path for community members: This member begins his journey at level 1, and as he engages with the community and consumes FitDance products and services, they level up, until it reaches up to level 8. The Career Plan for FitDance community members ensures that participants are always engaged and consuming the brand, as well as satisfied with the benefits presented to him. Finally, it is worth highlighting the differential of the FitDance methodology, which guarantees a current and high-quality class standard. FitDance is taught to enrolled students on how to structure a class that ensures their students are satisfied. Participants are taught the need to create an emotional link during class, meaning that they should seek out music from the moment that makes students feel fully present and connected with the class and the moment. This procedure is designed for students to leave a FitDance class with the feeling of happiness and well-being. The company's growth clearly demonstrates its potential for expansion. The number of active instructors has been growing every year: in 2017 we had 1500 active instructors; In 2018 we concluded the year with 3000 active instructors; By 2019, the year ended with 5,000 active instructors. The volume of courses also grew considerably: in 2017 we conducted 90 courses; 2018 we had 193 courses; In 2019 we conducted 248 courses in 6 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay). The number of people who took the course also only grows: 2017 were 3200 people enrolled; In 2018 we had a total of 5500 subscribers in our courses; and in 2019 a total of 6500 took a FitDance course. Our YouTube channel numbers also followed the growth pattern: in 2017 we had 1.4 billion views and 6.1 million subscribers, in 2018 this number went up to 2.9 billion views and 11.5 million subscribers. By 2019 we ended the year with 5 billion views and 16 million subscribers. Other important financial results to address are the billings; In 2017, the year's turnover was R $ 6.5 million; In 2018, the year's revenues almost doubled to R $ 11 million; In 2019, we continued to grow with revenues up to $ 15 million. Product and service evolution can be seen through the maturation of the recurrence model; increased quality and quantity of content on YouTube Channels; launching new Go Top specialization courses; the standardization of courses taken and the training of coaches; as well as by developing its own system. The company has a variety of ways to explore new types of revenue, such as creating new online courses for FitDance practitioners, creating a career path for instructors, creating possible FitDance games, and more. The company's expansion project aims to reach the global market. Currently we are present, besides Brazil, in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Portugal and Paraguay with the class programs; YouTube channels are already naturally global, as they have subscribers from around the world who watch FitDance content.