We have your worker's back
Company Overview

Lower back injuries (LBI’s) in the US workplace cost the economy between $100-$200B per year. This cost accounts for 40% of all workers’ compensation costs in the US. The average cost of a LBI in the workplace varies from $50,000-$140,000 per injury. Almost three million US workers will incur a LBI in the workplace each year. The problem of reducing the cost of LBI’s in the workplace has focused on post-injury cost-containment. Our goal at ErgonometriX is to emphasize the prevention of LBI’s through the use of technology. Ergonometrix has developed a solution that utilizes a wearable device. The motion of the employee is captured and analyzed in the cloud. Medically supervised targeted feedback is generated from the analysis. This feedback is used to help the employee change behaviors that are known to contribute to lower back injuries.