DoubleDoor Technologies Inc
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Company Overview

DoubleDoor is an online marketplace for foreign investors to safely purchase U.S. residential property online. We aim to connect domestic agents, foreign agents, and other real estate professionals with foreign buyers in a simple and centralized manner.

DoubleDoor enables foreign investors to make smart and safer choices when trying to purchase property abroad. Potential buyers are able to view properties in 4 different languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Spanish, which helps get rid of any language/cultural barriers. They will also gain trust of purchasing property online by interacting with vetted professionals, viewing verified documents (e.g. property deeds), and using tools such as VR and Virtual Staging to make sure that the property is accurately depicted. It is a better process than the current system because it is multilingual, safe/secure, and much more efficient because everything happens through one central location.

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