Connecting Patients and Doctors
Company Overview

DocVilla ( is the most advanced HIPAA compliant health technology platform which provides patient portal, scheduling, telemedicine video consults, In Person appointments, pharmacy selection for patients, electronic notifications, secure messaging, Electronic Medical Records, Health Exchange Integration, patient’s Protected Health Information sharing between providers on the platform, templates for prescriptions, CMS 1500 form integration, drug names and strength integration, ICD 10 integration, Apple and Google Health Kit integration and a lot more. Using simple API and deep linking, DocVilla can be integrated with any application and can then be utilized to provide telemedicine using Single Sign On capability. DocVilla offers secure encrypted communication, has web and mobile applications, and runs on cloud. It can also easily integrate with your current EMR. There is a Patient and a Doctor application on iOS and Android app store. DocVilla is Insurance agnostic and can work with and without insurance. DocVilla is the only platform which provides a market place for doctors that is the doctors can set their own prices for consult. Patients can download and register for free on DocVilla. There is no credit card required. Doctors can download DocVilla Doctor application and register with us. Using DocVilla platform doctors can provide consults and send prescriptions to the patients. Since DocVilla provides both video and in-person consults, it can be used by any provider such as physician, dermatologist, gynecologists, psychiatrist, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, dentists and more. DocVilla works across the vertical and can be used by independent doctors, practices and hospital systems. We are currently working to integrate Artificial Intelligence within the platform to help the doctors with prognosis. Best part is that it is FREE! There is no enrollment fee or registration cost. Learn more about DocVilla by visiting or by downloading DocVilla from your iOS and Android app store.

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