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Company Overview

DishDivvy is an online marketplace that connects approved HomeCooks with hungry neighbors looking for wholesome, homemade food.

DishDivvy was founded on the simple premise of solving the dinner dilemma: that is, how can we help individuals and families in today’s fast-paced lifestyle access more wholesome, homecooked meals. The truth is, current options out there, like expensive meal prep kits or restaurant food, are more like “band-aids” as opposed to real, sustainable solutions. Turns out people prefer and love home cooked food, but just don’t have the time, skills, or passion for creating new and exciting meals. Well guess what… there are fabulous, talented cooks right in your neighborhood who have the time, skills, AND passion for creating delicious, authentic dishes for hungry neighbors seeking to really solve the dinner dilemma. DishDivvy is the network that connects these amazing cooks with diners seeking to eat better.