Secure Digital Technologies. The wearables payment device enabler, allowing payment where your wallet can’t reach
Company Overview

Founded in 2014 DigiSEq Ltd is a UK based NFC information technology company that provides pioneering provisioning services. DigiSEq transforms consumer wearable and IoT products into contactless payment devices. Enabling wearables for payments is a huge challenge. The payments market is a complex ecosystem and provisioning payments products needs specialist expertise and knowledge. DigiSEq provides that knowledge and removes the complexity for the wearable and IoT device manufacturer. DigiSEq was formed by Terrie Smith and Colin Tanner who were instrumental in the delivery of the MasterCard solution that supports Apple Pay and have over 40 years combined experience in the payments industry with a deep understanding of the issues around enabling payment onto devices. The DigiSEq approach removes the direct relationship between the bank and the consumer device – enabling the consumer to choose their own device according to mood and use and not be constrained by the card supplied by the bank. For the banks to put payment onto the millions of devices in the world without DigiSEq, each bank would need to have a relationship and connection with each device and each device owner would need a relationship with hundreds of banks to ensure global coverage. It is not only very complex, but the cost associated with securing every single connection is extremely high. DigiSEq has solved this problem and has built a platform that connects the banks with any device taking care of the security and managing the permissions; including a complex Device Management System that manages and monitors which customer can have which application on which device. In addition to payment we can deliver ANY secure application such as loyalty, ticketing, access control, transit, ID etc. The platform is real, it’s live, and it works; we have built a scalable and secure platform which is located in a nuclear bunker and is approved and certified by MasterCard to deliver MasterCard payment credentials remotely to any device with the appropriate chip.