Demand Logic
Property Performance Simplified
Company Overview

Demand Logic is a data analytics platform which aims to simplify and optimise property performance. Demand Logic utilises a Data Acquisition Device (DAD) which uniquely extracts data from the existing controls infrastructure, of which the level of data which the DAD can extract is unprecedented from a single installation. The data is then polled which allows numerous layers of data to be visualised simultaneously enabling issues to be quickly identified.
Historically all of the information which is gather and visualised on the Demand Logic platform was hidden, usually in the basement, on BMS head-end PCs, which only a number of individuals would have access to; and even fewer have a working knowledge of. By unlocking the data illustrating how the property is operating; we provide simple & actionable intelligence enabling our clients to make quantifiable cost savings whilst also optimising their environments from an Energy, Maintenance and Thermal Comfort perspective. We aim to support our clients through the utilisation of data to make informed decisions around your property strategy.
What sets Demand Logic apart is the speed at which the system is installed and set up. In most instances, the Data Acquisition Device is set-up within hours, immediately feeding data into the analytics system.