D'Alessio Law Group
Company Overview

D’Alessio Law Group is a full-service immigration and business transaction law firm dedicated to serving the needs of companies, organizations, artists and creators in the international entertainment, tech, and corporate communities. We deliver innovative solutions that enable companies to gain access to top global talent. Our mandate is to help our clients build teams that give them their competitive advantage for success.

We take deep pride in representing the goals of our clients as synonymous to our own. We strive to achieve the desired immigration objectives of every organization and individual through an efficient, effective and proven process. Powered by our dedicated team and strategic approach, D’Alessio Law Group is widely recognized as a highly effective leader and global advocate in the arena of international immigration and business transaction law.

We recognize that every organization and individual have unique goals and challenges. Our longstanding record of success has earned us the trust and reliance of entertainment, tech, and corporate clients that are renowned as trailblazers in their fields.

Our strategic and comprehensive approach to immigration law sets us apart. Our powerful, diverse team of expert attorneys, trained at top corporate law firms, combines the rigor and expertise of a corporate firm with the attentiveness and flexibility of a boutique organization. We are astute to ongoing political changes, actively develop strategies to allow our clients to stay one step ahead of the headlines, ensuring they meet their staffing, personal, or professional needs without delay or interruption.