Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.
Providing new treatment options and hopes to patients
Company Overview

"Cyfuse Biomedical is a Tokyo-based biotechnology startup specializing in the fabrication of 3D human tissues and other advanced cellular products for regenerative medicine as well as for drug screenings by using Micro Needle Array Technology (MNAT) which Cyfuse has developed. MNAT makes 100-percent-cell-only bio 3D fabrication possible by tapping into cells’ natural ability to aggregate and represents a major innovation in bio 3D printing in that bio 3D printers in today’s market require some types of artificial ingredients, such as gel or synthesized polymer for fabrication. MNAT enables the fabrication of cellular constructs in diverse shapes and sizes from the patient’s own cells with no artificial additives, boosting expression of cell function and graft survival rate, and lowering rejection risks after the transplantation.
Cyfuse aims to provide novel solutions for the treatment of damaged tissues and organs by bringing together its knowhow in biotechnology and high-level engineering.
Operating two patented Bio 3D printer, Cyfuse has successfully fabricated cellular constructs for the regeneration of bones and cartilage, blood vessels and peripheral nerves, as well as liver constructs for drug screening. Potential applications of MNAT are quite extensive, as the technology can be used to fabricate tissues from many different cell sources.