Crowd is Tinder for employee referrals. It connects company employees who can refer and job-seekers for an immediate conversation.
Company Overview

Crowd is a Tinder-like job referral marketplace combined with free voice chat and messaging features for instant interaction and fast results.

Crowd allows employees to easily share their company's opportunities and refer candidates (key incentives: referral bonus, new relationships, workplace visibility and personal satisfaction from helping people); it also lets job seekers target the right opportunity and contact the referral maker effortlessly, increase their chance of getting hired and accelerate the job-hunting process on the max level. The targeted group of users is young working professionals and most of them are expected to come from high-turnover and high-growth industries like Finance, Accounting, IT, Consulting and Marketing.

Crowd's target users are 15.7 million young professionals in US at this stage (source: BLS). On the society level, Crowd gathers jobs from employees and helps filling them quickly. If each of the 15.7 million working professionals shares 1 opportunity, theoretically we could create a pool of jobs that is twice the size of the country's unemployed population (8.7million, by BLS as of Feb 2015).