Earn Money From Your Selfies
Company Overview

CoSign allows users to “tag” items within content they upload to social networking sites and, if their followers purchase the items, receive a commission. The opportunity for mainstream consumers to monetize their influence and passions is unprecedented. The ability to do so with a smartphone is decidedly revolutionary.

CoSign employs smart-tagging, a groundbreaking technology that facilitates the placement of interactive smart-tags on top of images to enable consumers to shop directly from the image. Retailers benefit from increased traffic and site “stickiness”, higher average purchases, reduced marketing spend and a foray into m-commerce.

As social media becomes more integral to retailers’ marketing mix, consumers are incorporating brands and products into their content as outward expressions of their identity and passions. The sheer magnitude and speed with which content is created is staggering:

- 350 million new photos added to Facebook every day
- 646 photos uploaded to Instagram every second
- 180 Million tweets containing images are posted every day

The CoSign application thrives on content; every online image represents a potential CoSign opportunity and every individual who uploads content represents a potential CoSign user.

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