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Company Overview

The Future Of Vehicle Management. CAR was developed to provide vehicle owners and repair facility owners with a seamless and simple platform to mobilize the repair process. We offer vehicle and facility owners alike, the most advanced vehicle management platform available. With a fully mobile interface, we enable accountability, mobility and transparency to a much needed process and industry.

For the repair facility:

We designed a platform that takes the entire process of running a shop and streamlined it. We start with giving the service center the ability to access our platform securely from any device with a web browser. We mean that, ANY device. Then we enable your customers to stay in tune with their service with our proprietary app and web platform. With customer integration, your customers can follow along with the process while their vehicle is in your hands and they have the ability to accept or reject jobs in real time.

For the vehicle owner, collector, and/or fleet manager:

We haven't just changed the experience for businesses with our software, we've completely digitized record keeping for the individual as well. With our mobile platform you can request appointments to any service facility on the planet, that has email it monitors. In addition, you can also upload photos that facility shares with you regarding your service, as well as a copy of your receipt when you are done. We also allow you to digitize important aspects of vehicle ownership, like attaching insurance and registration to your profile.

With built in renewal reminders, digital records and photo proof of coverage, never get stranded without documents again. All of these records are also completely transferable to a new owner when you finally sell your vehicle. All of this free, for anyone with a mobile device. Our consumer app is unlike any other in the market today. We allow consumers to manage every aspect of vehicle ownership, regardless of the service facility they choose.

Consumer mobile apps: iOS - | Android -

In short, we are enabling trust and transparency through our software. A process that is not only impressing the customers of the shops using it, but changing how they interact with their customers and wasting less of everyone's time with real time authorizations. No other software in this space can accomplish these tasks.