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The Future Of Vehicle Management. CAR provides you with a seamless and simple platform to take your entire auto repair shop mobile. We offer you and your customers the most advanced vehicle management platform available. With a fully mobile interface, we enable you and your business to be efficient and productive.

We designed a platform that takes the entire process of running a shop and streamlined it. We start with giving the service center the ability to access our platform securely from any device with a web browser. We mean that, ANY device. Then we enable your customers to stay in tune with their service with our proprietary app and web platform. With customer integration, your customers can follow along with the process while their vehicle is in your hands and they have the ability to accept or reject jobs in real time.

Our thought out process builds trust and "WOW's" your customer. We are not a glorified excel spreadsheet, we are the most thought out business to consumer experience in the history of point of sale, all done automatically as a part of the built in processes. Come see the difference in advising your customers through CAR versus trying to sell your customer over the phone. 30 days with us and you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

Consumer mobile apps: iOS - | Android -

Our consumer app is unlike any other in the market today. We allow consumers to manage every aspect of vehicle ownership, regardless of the service facility they choose.

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Jan 23, 2019