Pioneering the Proximal Internet
Company Overview was founded in 2012 in Brooklyn by two tech entrepreneurs with the objective of innovating the proximity landscape. Since 2014, we have been building and pioneering the Proximal Internet by leveraging the power and reach of a disruptive proximity-based technology within the LTE spectrum. allows efficient and real-time device-to-device communication, making your smartphone truly smart and discoverable by thousands of LTE Direct- powered IoT devices unlike other technologies that drain your device's battery and don't provide accurate location finding (i.e. iBeacon or BLE). Additionally, we keep your data and privacy safe and transparent.

We've built several device to device applications (e.g. for social discovery or business analytics in proximity) powered by our 'Sixth Sense Kit' SDK. Our Sixth Sense Kit is a software module that helps developers to easily integrate proximity services in their apps using the LTE spectrum for device-to-device discovery.

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