Collaborizm is a social network and matchmaking platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, and artists, to connect, explore ideas, and build amazing things.
Company Overview

Collaborizm is a social network and intelligent matchmaking platform designed to break down the collaborative silos that exist in society. The platform does this by matchmaking aspiring entrepreneurs, makers, creative people and others based on the elements that matter most to them, such as: working styles, personality traits, schedule, social interests, proximity, and many other elements.

Not only is Collaborizm a next-gen version of professional networking, it also enables users to explore new ideas and discuss ideas of mutual interest with "ideal matches", with the option of working together in virtual work-spaces.

Our vision is to develop a robust network and community of motivated people who use the platform to network with "ideal collaborators" outside of their existing social and professional networks, and to follow and interact with other user's projects - thereby providing crowdsourced feedback to project members.