Building the future of genetic testing
Company Overview

Circagene is building the future of genetic testing. The company designs and commercializes a Direct-to-Consumers (DTC) platform in which users can order their personal genetic tests with total privacy and actionability. Indeed, CircaGene provides End-to-end Encryption guaranteeing that only the user can have access to his results, protecting his Genetic Privacy by innovative methods (Patent Application Number 1907358.4) at unprecedented levels. Furthermore, CircaGene provides actionable results to meet user’s personal goals such as reduce health Risk and optimize lifestyle using Best-in-class algorithms. This platform is a unique solution radically changing DTC genetic testing by guaranteeing user full control and ownership of his data, as well as offering Genetic Research Labs a way to monetize their research (e.g. Partner labs currently develops A.I. applied to polygenic Risk Score computation). By providing a SECURE (New standard of Encryption: Optimized FHE) and SCALABLE (iOS and Android App and website in construction) framework, Circagene offers Premium Direct-to-Consumer Genome Sequencing and puts in relation Consumers with the best Genetic Research Labs. CircaGene can be described as the “Uber” of DTC Genetic testing.