ChowDown (by MakesSense)
Less Stressing. More Eating.
Company Overview

Whether you're taking care of the kids, finishing a big project at work, or getting your degree, time is valuable and we never have enough of it. The average person spends 1700 minutes a year just waiting for the check at restaurants; that's 29 hours. Every. Single. Year. And let's face it; meal-time is our only chance to chip away at the stress. So when it's time to eat, we don't have time to scout out the best meals in the neighborhood. We don't have time to analyze the bills and wait for our servers to bring back our credit cards; we barely have time to eat

ChowDown is all about making the most out of meal-time through our features, specifically tailored to save you time and stress. Whether it's easy payment functionality to let you pay your bill right on your phone, or FoodPrint, which helps find the best items on the menu for you, ChowDown helps make mealtime stress-free.