Favorites on the Go
Company Overview

CherriPik is a free new smartphone app that uses sophisticated mapping software in conjunction with GPS to help users locate their favorite retail, restaurant, and hotel brands anywhere in the country. Recognizing nearby brand name places to eat, stay, and shop is easier than say Google or Apple Maps because we've turned those non-descript location pins into logo pins - after all - "a logo says a thousand words." Plus, you can customize the app to show only your favorite brands or hide those that aren't.
The app also includes an integrated offer system that brands can use to provide national, regional, or single store discounts and incentives. App users will simply use the onscreen offer at the related business in order to redeem it.
CherriPik overcomes the burden of app fatigue and the frustration with interruption marketing. Investors are sought to help us increase user growth, sell advertising and loyalty programs to brands, and build additional tools and services. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on NY TechDay 2017! Please download the app.

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