A social marketplace to interact and connect with a network of qualified homebuyers to co-own all types of homes while offering flexible exits.
Company Overview

Have you ever wanted to own your own home and found that the prices in Los Angeles are simply unaffordable? Maybe you've even thought about buying a home with a friend or significant other just to get out of renting....

The Problem:
• Co-owning homes can be a complicated way to break into the barriers of entry for first time homeowners or for investment property owners.
• No flexible exits for tenants in common. How to get out of your mortgage on your own terms?
• There is a lack of resources into the residential co-owning process. How to buy a home is difficult enough, but co-owning a home?
• Limited network of friends/family/colleagues to co-own real estate with. Living with your best friend can be a burden. How to meet someone who
is financially vetted and have similar interests like you?
• Dealing with inexperienced real estate professionals or lenders unfamiliar with co-owning transactions.

Meet Cher!

Cher is an all in one social marketplace connecting people together to co-own all types of homes while offering flexible exits.
• Our SaaS application streamlines the co-buying process for first time homebuyers and investment property owners.
• A.I. and patented design allows different buyers to be matched up across the country allowing more opportunities to meet people co-own homes
• Each buyer is financially vetted and provided with a background check.
• Our Fintech provides you the tools to frequently see how your credit is doing, and learn how much equity you've built in your home!
• We provide custom legal contracts, competing lenders, and vetted industry professionals to ensure our users receive the attention they deserve.
• Cher is a daily used app allowing you to grow your personal network with other friends on Cher along with matched compatible co-borrowers, share
posts, & socialize.
• We provide flexible ways to exit mortgage and receive equity without breaking contracts through our strategic partnerships.

• Beta available now on Android, IOS App, and Desktop Browser
• Integrated Patented Map, Hot Spots, Areas of Interest, MLS
• Customizable Personal Areas of Interest, co-borrower locations, social functions included in Map.
• Cher Scale allowing users to select more financially attune or similar personality matches. We provide soft credit pulls with limited info.
• Social Chat Functions including approx. locations of our matches
• Team Hub hosts co-borrowers and all professionals involved in escrow on one single platform.
• Education Hub for co-borrowers and realtors
• Cher Security mortgage default protection program

Consumer Benefits:
• Reduces escrow closing costs up to 3% of the principal
• Co-own homes with up to (5) five non-relatives.
• Provides flexible co-owning opt-out solutions to allow for more liquid investment
• Centralized resources, tools, vetted professionals
• All legal contracts in place to co-own successfully
• Network of pre-qualified matches to meet and co-own primary residences or investment properties as equal owners.
• Agent and lenders receive fully pre-qualified pipeline of customers
• Real estate professionals can build their Cher connections for business