The audience engager for live events
Company Overview

BuzzMaster is a powerful audience interaction system that’s revolutionising the event industry. Now it’s possible to create real-time interactions between the stage and the audience via their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

We’re passionate about audience participation. It’s our mission is to make every conference or event an interactive, memorable and insightful experience for both speaker and their audience. After all, the more interaction you get, the more rewarding the experience is for all.

So we developed a dedicated wi-fi system event system that an audience connects to using their smartphone or tablet – without an app. Then the fun begins with interactions zinging around back and forth between the presenter and the audience. People are able to vote, engage in the debate, ask questions and so much more. In no time at all, the buzz in the room is electric.

This is where our BuzzMasters comes into their own, skilfully filtering the audience’s thoughts to the presenter on the stage. And this is a vital component. Our BuzzMasters read the room, gauge the conversation and feed relevant information to the speaker. Something technology alone couldn’t achieve.

Interesting facts and figures:
Over 1,000 large and smaller meetings delivered in mainland Europe
3 million+ user actions
120,000 connected devices
80% audience participation