Design slides by creating collages of videos, photos, text, stickers, and audio recordings. Then, share your creation with just a click! Super simple to learn and master!
Company Overview

Buncee.com and edu.buncee.com are web and mobile platforms that provide users with a digital canvas to create online presentations, lessons, scrapbooks, invitations, greetings and more. The ease and flexibility of buncee’s creation tools allow anyone to add and arrange multimedia content onto their canvas. By dragging and dropping elements, users can pull together any of our backgrounds, stickers and animations, or even add in photos, video, audio, links and more, all into one easily shareable digital creation for their classroom, workplace, or home.

Whether making presentations at work, developing lessons for students, or communicating with family and friends, today’s society increasingly expects personalized, exciting and engaging content. However, the tools to create this content are expensive, complex and hence inaccessible to mass audiences. Buncee is a solution to these problems; a web and mobile based platform that allows anyone to easily create and share engaging, personalized and unique content online.