Brickwork creates the bridge between the online and offline shopping experience and powers a seamless path to purchase by extending the front door of stores from the physical world to online.
Company Overview

Brickwork is a SaaS solution that delivers more primed-to-purchase customers into retail stores where conversion is high from the audience of people browsing your site or searching for a store on web or mobile. Featuring new calls-to-action such as book an appointment or rsvp to an event and content on immersive store pages, Brickwork powers a new digital front door for physical stores.

With Brickwork’s mobile and tablet tools, you can empower local store teams to engage customers and manage store info and content. Brickwork will replace the store locator with a branded, no-code solution featuring responsive, SEO-optimized store pages, appointment management, local event management, and local promotion management.

With Brickwork, retailers can increase store locator traffic up to 70% and deliver in-store AOV increases up to 5x.